Hiking Trails

One of our favorite things to do on the mountain is get in touch with nature and hike the local trails. There is simply something magical about walking through the woods, breathing the fresh air, and stumbling upon a waterfall. We've compiled a few of our favorite local trails below. 

Loop in the Forest

There is a great little hike right in Lake Naomi. This one is very relaxing and family friendly. You can start from the parking lot of the LN Club's Administration Office on Route 423. Walk up towards the lake and you will see a wide grassy path right along the lake's edge. Follow this path down past the waterfall and one lane bridge. From the one lane bridge there's a little "loop in the forest." Definitely one of our favorite spots! 


Austin T. Blakeslee Natural Area

Just about 15 minutes away in Blakeslee, PA you will find this fabulous mountain oasis. They have a number of different trails to keep you exploring. We like to follow the Creek Trail along the water and hang out at the great little picnic area overlooking Tobyhanna Falls.  

More trail info coming soon to keep you hiking this spring!